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Real Estate Appraisals

has been in the residential real estate appraisal business for over 25 years. Located in Dandridge, Tennessee on the shores of Douglas Lake and within 30 miles of Knoxville, 20 Miles of Morristown, 15 miles of Newport, and 20 miles of Sevierville, we are in the heart of an ever changing real estate market.

We suggest that you protect your investment whether buying or selling with an independent appraisal of your property. Gantte Real Estate Appraisals provides services to Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson, Greene, Sevier, Washington and Hamblen counties. Appraisal requests are completed in the order they are received. Turn around times can vary depending on the work load at the time of your request.

Upon completion of an appraisal order we will send a complete appraisal package electronically to a client if desired. We remind our clients that the intended users listed on the original report are the ONLY individuals that we can release any information to without written consent of the client. No other intended users can be added once the original appraisal has been completed. When ordering an appraisal, please inform Gantte Real Estate Appraisals of all possible intended users of the report (client, borrower, brother, sister, attorney, CPA, spouse, etc.)

Gantte Real Estate Appraisals completes the following types of appraisals:

  • Single Family Residential
  • Duplex
  • Manufactured
  • Vacant Land
  • 2055 Exterior

Fees vary based upon the nature of an appraisal. Please contact our office to discuss your needs in order to ensure that we perform the best appraisal for your situation.

Appraisal orders may be faxed to our office at 1-(865)-397-4454 or emailed to